Sunday, March 26, 2006

Go Fish

I think Bel and I have played about 800 games of go fish this weekend! She loves that game! I'm about sick of that game. I'm half tempted to drown myself in a fish pond!!!! We are breaking out the puzzles her in a minute for a change of pace. You can only play the same thing so many times. I guess a three year old doesn't get that.

Yesterday was Caden's birthday party. I thought it was pretty fun. He got some really neat toys! I'm sure Darby and Chris are gonna love finding a place for those to go. And Bel wore herself out playing there so she took a good nap. Gotta love that!

Went to mom's yesterday afternoon. She got her letter from disability and was denied. That pretty much set me off. I'm gonna appeal it but it's just incredibly frustrating to me. I don't get it!!!


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