Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dog Days

What a day! Darby, Chris and Caden left for their first family vacation today. So their adorable dog Izzie came to stay with me. Lena doesn't quite know what to think of this.... So far we have learned a few things...

1. Lena has no boundaries.

2. Izzie has boundaries and gets real pissy when Lena doesn't respect them.

3. Izzie's food gives Lena the poopies...

4. Lena's food gives Izzie the poopies...

5. My lap cannot hold two dogs at the same time.

6. When dogs fight on my lap I get lots of scratches

7. Izzie can kick Lena's butt

8. Lena really likes me

9. Lena doesn't like it that Izzie likes me

10. Izzie knows more tricks than Lena does

Good times around here!!!



Morgen said...

Thanks for your submission to Bestest Blog's Animal Carnival!

The Carnival will be all day Saturday January 13th at
It's A Blog Eat Blog World

If you have a chance, can you post about the carnival either Friday evening or on Saturday, and include a link?

Animal Carnival Ringmaster

Another Desert Rat said...

Sounds like a housefull! Enjoy the Carnival!

Skittles said...

Did they eventually work things out? Happy Carnival!

Bond said...

Hi...I am walking down the midway at THE BESTEST BLOG CARNIVAL and enjoyed your attraction...