Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things about Graduate School

1. Grad school is very expensive!
2. Supposedly it is worth the expense.
3. It never fails to be either raining or incredibly cold every time I go to class.
4. Some instructors are very boring!
5. Others are pretty dang funny!
6. Grad school is the first time I've ever enjoyed school.
7. I don't however enjoy all the busy work.
8. Or the fact that textbooks are so expensive.
9. This semester I'm taking two classes on campus.
10. I'm also taking two classes online.
11. I'm liking my online classes more than my on campus classes.
12. I feel like I've been in school for a really long time.
13. I only have three semesters left and then I graduate!

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scribbit said...

Yes, grad school is expensive that's why we picked the cheapest schools we could find. Three years after law school we were debt free and feeling great!

Rashenbo said...

Online classes are awesome! Good for you being in Grad school! Congratulations - have a happy Thursday.

JohnH985 said...

Good luck on school.

My 13 are up.