Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow it's been a busy weekend. I felt like I spent all day yesterday running. I got up early and went to water aerobics with my friend Whitney. We got in a little bit of trouble with some older ladies there. It seems we used their lockers. I thought they were public lockers but it seems they have been using them for 30 years so they have the right to claim them I suppose. Lesson learned there!

After that I went to the mall with Darby and Chris and Caden. Caden got old time pictures taken that were really CUTE! He is such a fun little boy. I hope I get a little boy as fun as him some day. They also had a Zumba demonstration at the mall. Darby and I didn't join in but we did watch. They did a great job.

Cleaned house like a crazy woman in the afternoon. The social worker will be coming to do another homestudy meeting soon and I want the house to look really nice. I know I'm over doing it but I'd rather it be too clean than not clean enough. Crazy I know!

Lee came by in the evening and hung out for awhile. Lee was one of my mom's best friends and he was a pall bearer. I actually hadn't seen him since the funeral! That's been awhile. So it was nice to get caught up with him. I still had his Christmas present so I gave him that. Now the present closet is cleaned out!

I've spent most of today doing homework. YUCK! I feel like I spend more time doing busy work than anything. One of my online classes is very much filled with busy work. I have no problem writing papers, researching things, taking quizzes. I will do about anything if I see the point. But some of the stuff he assigns is such nonsense. It's frustrating to me.

Better jet!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie,

I don't like busy work either. Sometimes we get busy work at my job, not so much in my department as in my friend's department. They complain about it a lot. It makes you sort of feel like a elementary school kid or something.

A cleaner house is always a good thing, and it makes one feel so good. It sounds like you are trying to do everything you can to get your child.

Have a wonderful week.