Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well there is some big news going on over at PayPerPost. They aren't announcing what it is yet. They are waiting a couple more weeks I guess. So that means that for several more weeks my mind gets to wonder... And sometimes my mind is kinda like a bad neighborhood, I just shouldn't go there alone. But PayPerPost has left me no other choice. I must try to figure out what the news could be.... So after much debate I think I know what the news is....

Tamale, my favorite PayPerPost girl is the subject of the big announcement. I just have a very strong suspicion that they are going to announce that she is pregnant with Brad Pitt's newest love baby. I just have a feeling about it... I noticed on the Rock Start Up episode I showed you all the other day that she just seemed to be glowing. And she was craving truffles. So it must pregnancy! And who else could the babies daddy be!

The great news is that Tamale loves her job so much I just know she will come back to work after she has the love baby. And I bet that we will start getting all kinds of opps about Brad. We could do opps about his movies, all his children, his charity work, heck he is a two time People magazine sexiest man alive! We have to do an opp about that.

So Tamale thanks for making my day! I just know that I've got the big announcement figured out. I'm good like that.


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