Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fun Cards

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. So to help you guys out that have put off the gift buying and card purchasing to the last minute I'm gonna help ya score points! has some great ecards that you can send for Valentines Day. To break it down into easy steps you need to do the following!

1. Purchase a real gift for your girlfriend/wife. Jewlery is always a good thing.
2. Make reservations at a nice restaurant for dinner on Valentine's day!
3. Send her a funny card like the Cupid pickup lines eCard to her at work earlier in the day!

See I've got you covered. If you do all of those things you are sure to score big points and keep yourself out of the doghouse!

There are a ton of different types of cards to choose from. You can go with funny, risque, or animated cards and you can add a personalized message to any of the cards to make it stand out above the rest. You can get a free 30 day trial membership so your Valentine's ecards would be FREE! After the 30 days is up a year long membership is only $13.99. So that's a great deal. You could send cards throughout the year to maintain your no doghouse lifestyle!


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