Thursday, February 15, 2007

Segmentation Pays

As I told you earlier PayPerPost has made a lot of changes lately. One that that hasn't changed is that you can still get paid to blog! And lately I've been getting paid more than ever. PayPerPost has made the move to something called segmentation. I was pretty scared about segmentation originally but it has ended up being a great thing.

What segmentation does is that it allows advertisers to set requirements for the types of blogs that take their ads. Some advertisers want high traffic blogs to post their ads which makes sense. And when they make those requirements they pay more! There are opportunities now for $35, $90, and even a $1000 opportunity. So I'm not scared anymore, segmentation is paying!

Aside from the extra money that segmentation allows I think it also produces better blogging. Bloggers are doing more to increase their PR. It may be blogging more often, blogging in a more professional manner, or connecting with other bloggers. They are really increasing the quality of their posts and that is nice to see. Disclosure is now required for all bloggers also so it's easy to know what is an add and what is not.


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