Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sharing On Saturday

I'm in a sharing mood today so I thought I would share a few good blogs with you. I would encourage you to take a moment to visit, leave comments and make some new friends!

Lisa runs My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. This is a great personal blog. Lisa has a fun sense of humor and is great about helping other bloggers connect with one another. She recently had a death in the family and will be gone for a couple of days. So you could stop by and give her some nice welcome home comments.

Skeet has just moved her blog to her own domain! This is a big brave step in the blogging world. Make sure you stop by Skeet's Stuff and tell her congrats on the new digs!

If you are needing help with your computer monitor, tips on tech stuff, or info on cell phones you really need to stop by Gadgets, Gizmos & Widgets! Lord knows I need help with all of the above!

Rick is the mastermind behind Downtown Magazine. While I poked a little fun at Anna Nicole Rick is really gonna miss her!

Kim recently got her own domain for her blog lifes-like-that. I really like her template! Her banner is pretty cool. I need a cool banner... someday I swear I will have one!

Lubyvision is another great blog on a new domain! So many brave people lately. I'm just not with it enough computer wise to go to my own domain. There are some pictures of a leather couch on this blog that I would love to have!

Deb has a really festive blog! She has a wonderful Valentine's template going on. All the hearts make me happy.

So that's what I got folks! I hope you find a new blog you like!!!



Anonymous said...

I like when people share blogs they enjoy. It promotes traffic, which is always good. I will have to go visiting now. Hope you are having a peachy weekend! :)

chris luby said...

Yes, thank you for that. I will return the favor.