Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review My Post

PayPerPost is going crazy now. There are more opportunities and new things going on there. It's an exciting time. I'm making more money then I ever have before and there seems to be even more bloggers using the forums and visiting one another's blogs. PayPerPost recently made some changes and I'm excited about them. Change is a good thing and I think the changes will be good for PayPerPost as a company and good for us bloggers as well.

One of the exciting changes that I really like is the opportunity to participate in a program called Review My Post. With this program I can place a little button on any of my posts that you can click to Review My Post. What happens is when you join PayPerPost through that Review My Post button PayPerPost will pay you to review what I have written. Pretty cool for you and me both.

I know that some people aren't interested in blog ads. I understand that. It isn't the right fit for everyone. But with Review My Post you can put the button on your regular posts and still make some money without having to do ads or paid posts. PayPerPost can still help you make a little extra cash and that is always a nice thing.


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