Sunday, February 04, 2007

Girl Power

I think being a girl rocks. There is just something amazing about girls. Women are strong and fierce and emotional and kind and generous and dedicated and determined. It's like girls are a little bit of everything. That fascinates me. Darby and I talk about it often. You couldn't pay me to be a man! I like being a girl.

Well I found a blog that really rocks. It's all about being a girl. It's called Girly Things: why I love being a girl. This is a fabulous blog. Not only does it celebrate why being a girl rocks it also connects you with lots of other female bloggers. Gotta love that. From this blog I've found several other great female blogs. So pay it a visit and celebrate the fact that you are a girl!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie, I always love to find new, interesting blogs. I am on my way over to check out this girly stuff. Hope you are having a peachy weekend!

Josh said...

Well... I think you being a girl rocks too. Take care!