Friday, February 23, 2007


I feel like I'm on one of those wacky spinning rides at the amusement park. You know those rides where you are standing still and everything is spinning all around you. I always think I'm gonna throw up when the ride is over. That's kinda what my life is like right now.

So many things going on and I'm just trying to stay in one place and keep from losing my lunch. I hate having so much going on at once. School is crazy busy! I have so much homework this week. Actually I just have a lot of high demand classes this semester so I'm busy with that.

Work is going so great right now! It's of course super busy but I have so many cases that are really progressing well. Lots of adoptions that are getting ready to finalize which is super but again lots of paperwork to do for each. I also have to work an extra 8 hours a week for my internship. So I have to work 48 hours a week and I'm gone from my office all day on Monday. So you do the math. I'm working long days, skipping lunch and still doing some work on the weekends. NO FUN!

My adoption stuff is moving along nicely. I think my dossier packet will be in to the agency around mid March. Then I will just have to wait on approval from immigration. Once that is granted I'm officially a waiting parent. Exciting times.

My dad is still in town which is fabulous. I've had a good time having him visit. Lena my dog LOVES him! She is very funny with him. She has to be up his butt all the time following him around. Crazy dog.

Dad goes home tomorrow and my aunts show up! I'm excited to see them all. They are coming for Heather's birthday party. It should be a good time. I'm excited. Kelci is coming with Heather too this weekend so it should be a fun and full house!

Okay back to work for me.

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