Thursday, February 15, 2007

Places To Visit

It's my duty as a friendly blogger to share some great blogs with you that I've stumbled across.

Melissa's Place is a great little personal blog. Melissa is expecting a baby and will be using a midwife which I think is way cool and brave! I will be going back to follow her pregnancy journey.

You will have to go visit Key West Or Bust! After visiting and reading her movie review I was able to delete one movie from my Netflix Que! Glad I checked in so now I won't waste my time watching a not so good movie!

The Bellclapper's Garden is a really fun blog! I loved her Thursday 13! I couldn't agree more with her list!

I've told you about My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings before but I still think it is a great place to visit! I love the new domain!

Over at lifes-like-that there is some exciting stuff going on! Home renovations can be frustrating and a bit stressful but I always think it's exciting. There is nothing like the payoff of the finished result!

Autumn's Space is a place I will be visiting again. It doesn't sound like she has experienced the same type of winter I have. It's been anything but mild here. What I would give for just 2-4 inches of snow at this point!

Happy Blogging!



me said... Link love from the PPP thread. Would appreciate a reciprocal to this blog? Thanks :)

Leigh Davis said...

I posted a new movie review today. You can read it here. :)