Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bye Bye Anna

I was sitting at work today and got the breaking news email from CNN. Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and died in her hotel room! What a shocker!!! I never would have imagined that she would collapse in a hotel room. What an unexpected end for a celebrity... Anna may have only been 39 years old but she taught us all many lessons in her short time on earth...

Let's Review!

1. She taught us how to go from a frumpy young mom waiting tables in a crappy diner to a playboy model!

2. She taught us how money may not but happiness but it can buy you an amazing set of boobs!

3. She taught us that old men with money really do make the best husbands of all!

4. She taught us that if someone contests your inheritance fight like crazy... eventually the people contesting it will die too.

5. She taught us that maybe you shouldn't have children so far apart in age because it could cause the older kid to die.

6. She taught us that you should always make sure you know who your baby's daddy is!

7. She taught us that if a potential baby's daddy wants to see said baby you should hide in a foreign country.

8. She taught us that if your lawyer's bills get to high you should marry said lawyer, show him your expensive boobs and then get free legal advice!

9. She taught us that when hiding in a foreign country from a baby's daddy you should pay your rent!

10. She taught us that in the end money, boobs, baby's daddy's and foreign countries don't save you... It takes way more than that to save you from dying on a hotel floor.

So thanks Anna! Rest in Peace!



Peanut said...

those are things everyone needs to know! Anna was such a role model....

Melyssa said...

*rolling eyes*... at least the tabloids won't run out of things to talk about.

squire said...

Can't say I was a hugh fan of Anna, but I did admire her ability to live life on her own terms.

Nellie said...

It is sad that she died and left the infant, however the wording of your comments is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. It was a tragic ending to a really messed up life. I use to watch her reality show sometimes and I just wanted to help her in some way. You know, try and show her that she doesn't have to act like that to have a nice life. I felt sad when I heard the news that she passed away.