Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Find

I'm always looking for good ways to promote my blogs. And I always like it when it is free and fun! www.Outpost-Earth.com offers all of that! What you do is go and visit to start with. Then you very simply sign up for free! What's cool is that you get to pick the categories that your blog is listed in. If they don't have a category for your blog then you can suggest one. Other users can find you in the category section which is nice. But what is even better is that as you update your blog you get even more exposure on the home page. So the more you update the more exposure you get which means more traffic for you! Again it's free! I'm signing up and I hope you do too. Maybe I'll see you at www.Outpost-Earth.com.


This post is sponsored by www.Outpost-Earth.com

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