Thursday, February 02, 2006

CT Scan

I love this flower pic... It makes me all calm on the inside..

My mom is having a CT Scan done now. That is amazing to me. If she was in our local hospital they would never do a test in the middle of the night. I'm feeling more optimistic already! Hopefully they can find the answer and make it all better. I'm just praying that when they scan her cat they don't find kittens!!! That would cause a whole mess of problems.

Heather and I have talked a record number of times tonight. I think we are at 854 calls now! It's amazing how many times you can talk to the same person and have something new to say. I'm gonna have to change her ring tone now though. It's set to that Reba song Hey Sister but now the words are so stuck in my head it's driving me crazy. I've never heard it so many times in a row.

I'm eating my dinner as I type. Peanuts and an apple. Yes I know it's 10:26 and I'm diabetic and I waited to long to eat and it's not the most healthy. I don't want a lecture. I'm taking care of myself. At least I remembered to feed me and it's protein and some carbs so it's all in balance. Yummy peanuts are my friend!

I got some homework done between calls but still have some to do. Just needed a break. I'm working on my learning contract for my internship and it's driving me nuts. Like big peanuts! Just seems like stupid busy work but ya gotta do it to get a master's degree. So I play the game. I can jump through hoops...

Dinner is gone so I'll sign off now. Back to work I go!!!


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