Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Look Both Ways

Today I went to work and checked my email. Usually I have emails about clients, trainings, some weird forwards, and maybe some email from my admirer. Yes lots of emails from my admirer. :-) Well today I got the funniest email I have ever received in my life! I received an email from one of the top guys at our agency. And it was a very serious email about how to appropriately cross the street! Yes that's what I said!!!

I guess some woman in our Topeka office got hit by a truck crossing the street to her office. She is fine but "shaken". No crap she is "shaken" the dummy walked in front of a TRUCK! I'd be shaken too. I'd be shaking my head at the stupidity of such a thing. But seriously his email talked about blind spots and looking both ways and which direction to cross from. Oh my lord I laughed so loud! The fact that he actually sent an email to a bunch of professionals about killed me. If I was the one that got hit by a truck I would just quit! I would quit out of sheer embarrassment. I'm not playing!


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