Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm really developing quite a little routine. I work out in the morning, go to work, call and check on mom at noon and run errands then. I finish out the afternoon at work. Run by my house to grab the mail and check email then hit mom's house by 5:45. I hang out there, eat dinner and stay till mom goes to bed. Then I come back here, do a load of laundry or some other household crap, post on both websites, work out again, make my lunch for the next day and go to bed.

It seems to be working so far. I'm missing the homework a little bit. I'm not used to not having it... But other than that it's all good. I like the evenings with mom. I feel like I can help out a little bit there. Betty and Shirley take care of her all day so it's nice to help. Even if she is sleeping there are always dishes and laundry and med figuring or something to do. And I get to see her when she is awake which makes EVERYTHING worth it. I just adore her.

She is thinking about selling her house in the country and getting a place in town. I said she could come live here but she wants to buy a place that is big enough for everyone that is staying with her. She has asked me if I want to sell my house and come live with her at the new place and then after she passes away it could be a home big enough for me and Heather. It's something to consider. It seems foolish to keep trying to take care of two households. I'm not at my place much... It will all just depend on how big of a place she can get. I don't want her to feel smothered. It's so hard to make decisions when her time is so uncertain. I just hate this!

I'm about to fall asleep typing so I better get to bed.


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