Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's Ride

Well the roller coaster ride has begun. Today we found out that our insurance company doesn't cover the Cancer Center of America Tulsa location. However, they will pay for Chicago. It's further away but we still have family there so Chicago it is! Crazy crazy!

It seems like every small hurdle is a mountain lately. I think being so tired and worked up just fuels it. The highs and lows are common I guess but I don't like it...

My Dad and Cricket should be here in a couple hours. I'm ready to see them. Tommorow I'm just gonna hang at mom's house. Doing nothing in particular. Just being there makes me feel better. I don't like being away from her too long. It makes me anxious. The week she is in Chicago will seem very long I'm sure.

My mom has always been terrified of flying. Always insisted she would never ever do it. However, to go to Chicago she has to fly each time. We told her that today and she just said okay. I about died laughing. It's amazing how pancreatic cancer helps you get over your fears... :-) We have to laugh, I think it is all that keeps us going!

Better get for now.

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