Friday, February 03, 2006

Hospital Tours

Well I've been in more hospitals in the past week than I ever want to be in. Heather and I just got home from visiting my mom. She is doing soooo much better! Her pain is easing up enough that she has slept and that has made a huge difference. They still haven't determined anything for sure but have made some medication adjustments and will run more tests over the weekend.

Her room is awesome and man was her nurse HOT! His name is Brian and he had a great sense of humor which is good since she likes to joke around. Poor guy got embarassed though because my aunt Adair grabbed his butt. She does that to everyone. I swear she is so inappropriate but can pull it off without getting her ass kicked. She just has this way about her.

The hospital room was packed tonight even though it's a big room. Heather and I were there and then my Aunt Betty showed up, my Uncle Lee and Adair and Uncle Charlie. Not to be confused with the IV stand Charlie. We spent a lot of time laughing and visiting and mom was pretty entertaining. She is funny anyways but put her on pain meds and she turns into a one woman show!

I'm gonna work tommorow and then we will go back up tommorow evening.


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Darbis said...

hey guess what jess!! it's working now! i guess i'm an authorized viewer today....whatever that means! call me when you get time and please tell your mom i'm praying and thinking of all of you and if ANY of you need anything, you have my numbers!!! love ya!! darbis