Thursday, February 02, 2006


Just got home from my mom's house. I went out there about 10. I just had a horrible feeling that she wasn't okay. And I was right. She wasn't. Her pain was out of control. I called the doctor at home and he upped the amount of pain meds she could have. She has another appointment tommorow. He is going to refer her to a specialist. So that is good.

But I'm pretty dang worried. I have been concerned through this whole thing but tonight is the first night that I felt really overwhelmed by it. I just felt a sense of panic driving out there. I trust my gut with things. I figure it's God talking to me and I pay attention. And my gut is saying it's not okay. I don't know how to help her and it scares me!!!

She was doing a little better when I came home. And her sister Shirley is staying the night so she isn't alone. I made her promise to be honest about the pain and if it gets worse we will head back to the hospital. I'm just hoping and praying she can get into the specialist soon...


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