Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good Days

Oh my gosh it was a GOOD DAY!!!! First I actually got stuff done at work! I really worked at the office. Amazing I know. I've been so scatter brained lately that it's hard to focus on stuff. But today I wrote court reports and scheduled appointments and actually did my job. It really made me feel good to be productive again.

Also Darby started back at the office as a paid employee this week. She is working as an administrative assistant. It's only 20 hours a week but she is there! You have no idea how okay that makes me. When she is with me I feel like I can handle anything. It may not be pretty but I can do it with her. I guess that's when you know you have the best friend in the world. Crystal's last day as case manager is on March 17th. So I'm hoping that after she goes Darby can have her desk back in our office. Then it would be like old times. I might get so excited about that I would pee my pants but I'll try to hold off.

And then most importantly my evening was spent with my mom! She was cracking me up this evening. She still slept a lot but when she was awake she was funny. We laughed so much. She thinks that all of us taking care of her are crazy! In fact I'm kinda shocked that a doctor gave us responsibility for her care. I actually tried to put the crackers in the fridge tonight! Sometimes caretakers get tired. Mom thinks we do stupid things to make her laugh but really we are just stupid sometimes.

I'm just really going to appreciate each day with her. It easy to look at this like she is dying. However she really is living. Until the day she dies she is living. And I want it to be a life for her. Not a serious sick fest. I want us to laugh and try to have as good a time as possible. I just want her to be as happy as possible for as long as she can. And I'm gonna try to just enjoy each day and look at it as a blessing.

So good day and good night folks


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