Thursday, February 16, 2006


What a day at work. Had a crazy crazy court hearing with my crazy psycho family. I've never been so incredibly hated by a client before in my life. Like they seriously hate me, wish I was dead, would probably kill me themselves if they had the chance kind of hate. The kind of hate that scares me a little bit and makes me wish I had a huge husband and a lot of guns! Well maybe even one really efficient gun would work. So that just made for a lovely afternoon in my world.

My mom was doing okay tonight. Very tired so she didn't talk long. I don't like not being there with her. I so want to quit work, quit school and go to her. The fact that I'm working with some of the worst parents in the world and that is interfering with my time with my mom ticks me off! Why couldn't the world's worst mom get pancreatic cancer? Why did it have to be my mom who is really good.... The world is kind of mean sometimes.

I so wanted to watch ER tonight. It was going to be my award for working out. That was my plan. Do homework, eat dinner, do dishes, take a shower and reward me with ER. But no those stupid Olympics were on instead! No they aren't stupid. In fact I watched some bobsledding the other night and it was kinda cool. Pretty dang impressive actually that someone will get in that little sled and throw themselves down a slope of ice! What has to be wrong with a person to make them think that is a good idea?

Okay going to water my thirsty plants now...


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