Friday, February 10, 2006


How in the world did I forget this! I got my taxes done today and I'm actually getting 1900 bucks back!!! Yippeeeee There was no crying at H&R Block this year like there was last year. That's so awesome!

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Anonymous said...


My heart feels so heavy. I am praying for your mother and for peace, comfort, strength and hope for all of you.

Jessie, you are an incredibly strong, determined 'force of nature'! I know that you will be so very supportive, organized and responible for your Mom and family. Just remember to take care of yourself. If you fall apart, it's human. Everyone knows you'll just come back stronger!

If you need anything at all call me, email me. I know school is the least of your worries, but I'm going to email you some info on Memmott's class and then you can open it when you're ready.

Take care, Jessie!