Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My aunt Donna called me last night at 10:15 and told me that my mom was crying and in pain really bad. So I headed out to her place. I just stayed the night there and came back to my place this morning to get ready for work. I think she slept some and she wasn't in pain when I left so that is good.

But I couldn't stop myself. I called Monte and let him know what I think. He got her all worked up yesterday because he got on her about not having the tax paperwork done. She hasn't been out of the hospital that long and doesn't feel good. Leave her alone. So I called him last night and told him that from now on he either need to talk to her lawyer or me but to leave her the hell alone. I used other words I won't type here but it wasn't nice and I shouldn't have done it but I'm sick of the crap...

Gotta go to work


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LacyGirl said...

Hey woman! there is so much going on in your life! I feel so removed from you ... I don't like that feeling. I spent my lunch hour reading to get caught up ... WOW ... i also started mine again ... we'll see what happens there! lol ... love you! and miss you bunches ... Lacy