Sunday, February 12, 2006


Okay the wind is the devil! My hair was all cute today and the wind was crazy crazy bad out at my mom's today and ruined it. It was so windy you could hear it howl INSIDE her house. And she doesn't live in a little hut, it's a big house! It was crazy. On her back porch there was a little tornado of leaves because the wind kinda caught there. We all just marveled all day about how pretty it looked outside but it was all a mean trick. It looked beautiful and then you walked out there and it was so freaking cold and windy. It's just not right. You'd think it was winter or something.... We have been so spoiled with nice weather that we haven't adjusted I guess.

Mom was hurting pretty bad this morning so once her pain subsided she was beat and slept until three. We all got a good laugh because about 2:00 after she had been sleeping a couple hours I went and peeked in the door to make sure she was breathing. And she was and we all laughed at me. I know now why mom's check their babies when they sleep to long. It makes ya a little nervous or something.

Once she woke up she was great. No pain in the afternoon and she seemed so much more with it. I think the rest did her a lot of good. She cracks me up. Sometimes she says the funniest things! She was sewing a pair of pants and dropped the needle on the floor. So she starts looking for it and says "There's nothing worse than looking for a needle." Then she kinda chuckles and says "Well I guess there is." I thought Heather and I were gonna pee our pants laughing so hard. It was just DAMN FUNNY!!!! We are realizing that you just have to laugh as much as possible when the opportunity presents itself.

Heather was gonna go back to school today and just couldn't do it. So she is gonna stay home until mom goes to Chicago on Tuesday. It's just to hard to leave. I think she made a good decision to just wait. Her instructors are being amazing! I should be going to her school!!!!

Heather and I started a website for mom, just for updates about her health status. So if ya wanna get to it go to click on visit, enter her name and the password is Miracles.

That's what I know!

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