Monday, February 13, 2006


Well I attempted to return to my regular routine today. I went into the office and actually worked. I only cried once when explaining things to everyone and other than that I held it together. I actually got work done! Amazing I know. My Dad came by to check on me at about 11:30. I think he was shocked I was still there and doing okay. Everyone at the office was wonderful so he shouldn't have been to shocked. Crystal got me a card that was just perfect. I wanted to whack her in the head because it was a little to thoughtful and kind and made me about cry after I had calmed down... Damn those nice people!

I did leave around 2:30 so I could come and tell Dad and Cricket good-bye. They are heading back to Baton Rouge now. I'm gonna miss them. I'm so very grateful they came here. They were so helpful and supportive and it was nice just to have people around that love us and have no expectations. If I was okay fine and if I was a mess fine. Cricket even did all my laundry before she left! And Dad fixed my doors so they would latch right and fixed an electrical problem in my bathroom. I'm a horrible hostess making them work like that but I sure loved having them here... Kinda spoiled me a bit.

I even went to class tonight and it sucked! I had a hard time staying focused and I didn't want to be there but it was research so that isn't hard to believe.


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