Monday, August 07, 2006


Today is my first day not working! I thought I'd be an unemployed bum but that didn't happen. I got up and worked out! See I'm sticking with it!!! Then I had a flat tire so I dealt with that. Then I went to mom's and painted her laundry room. I came home and played with the dogs then went to a meeting about Relay for Life and then went back to mom's to water her plants and hang out for awhile. So I think I'm gonna be okay in the busy department even though I'm not working....

The Relay For Life meeting was awesome! I'm the team captain and our team name is Dee's Diva's. We of course are walking in honor of my mom! I'm really excited about this. Not only is it a great way to honor her it's a great way to raise money for American Cancer Society. And we all know that money means research and research means a cure! We need a cure!!!! So if I can do anything to help get it there I will do it. I figure if my mom can fight like she is then I can walk and raise some money. I really think it will be a lot of fun.

Over and Out


Julie said...

That's great! Good for you!

Julie said...

I mean, about the Cancer walk!