Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Things

Okay I'm only posting good things today...

1. Today was the official end of paint season! Everything that needed to be painted at my mom's is painted!!!! I'm done smelling paint fumes for awhile!

2. The master bathroom is finished. Completely finished! Toilet is set, vanity is in place, shower installed, painting done. FINISHED!!!

3. I was able to do all the sit-ups on my workout DVD tonight. Usually I have to skip a few but today I was able to do them all! I'm getting stronger!!!!


5. Darbis sent me a cool card in the mail. I love happy mail!

6. I feel calmer today!

7. I was able to fill up my car today and gas was only $2.87! What a steal!!!

8. I found 74 cents in the washing machine today.

9. My cousins Brent and Sara came to visit today and they were very funny!

10. Since the house is picked up and laundry is done I'm gonna actually have time to sit and read tonight instead of trying to do not fun things!

That's it


1 comment:

Julie said...

I love home improvement. Got any pictures of the renovation? Before and after? I'd love to see them!