Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hotter than Africa

It's so hot today! I had gotten spoiled with the couple cooler days we had. I'm so tired of the heat. I keep praying for fall!!! I really want to wear a jacket and be comfortable. I want my cute hair and makeup back. I have just given up on doing the hair at this point. There is no reason to waste the time when it gets yanked into a ponytail 20 minutes after I leave the house anyway.

Mom was pretty much the same today. Not any improvement or decline. She has a hard time staying focused but was able to talk with us today. She just seems very tired.

I actually have to work tomorrow. Even though I'm off work on FMLA I still have to go to court hearings. We have a termination of parental rights hearing tomorrow so I have to be there for that at 9:00 so I can testify. Yippee. I'm dreading having to wear real clothes! I've been living in my old navy clothes ever since leave started. I can't believe I'll have to wear something other than a tee. Yuck! I'm sure I'll make it through though.


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