Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Plumbing Gone Bad

At no point should I be a plumber! In fact when it comes to any type of bathroom repair work I just need to steer clear. I've known this for quite awhile. However, tonight I seem to have forgotten that.

Since my mom gets tired in the shower hospice brought this shower attachment and shower chair so she can sit in the shower. Great idea. Well we hooked it up in the hall bath as her bathroom wasn't done being remodeled yet. Well it is finished now. So tonight all I had to do was unscrew the shower attachment from one shower and move it to another. Simple right... Not for me....

The shower attachment had a plastic head that covered the metal piece that screwed onto the nozzle. Well as I was trying to unscrew the head the plastic broke off! So then the attachment just fell off. So then I had to unscrew the metal piece and reattach the old shower head. The whole time I'm doing this my Aunt Donna is on the phone with my Uncle Charlie trying to find out if I really screwed it up. I'm sure he is sick of us trying to fix things!

So once I get the old shower head attached I decide that I can somehow fix this shower attachment to work. So I head to the newly remodeled master bath and attach the metal piece. I then attach the broken plastic piece to the metal piece. Why I did this I do not know. I really thought I could make it work. My mom has cancer shouldn't I get a break on something... Well I attach it and then turn on the shower. It worked right for about 30 seconds. Long enough for me to feel really proud and then the water started shooting out from around the broken piece. My little project did not work. So now my mom can't use either shower. Isn't that just great! We are gonna call hospice in the morning and explain that I'm an idiot and destroyed the things that are supposed to help her and ask them to bring another one. I swear I won't attach it or unattach it or break it!!!



Malinda777 said...

Somehow, I can just see myself in this whole delimma. Stay strong. I guess today just wasn't the day for a good shower. I hope tomorrow will be an entire shower of blessings.

I remember the times of frustration with my Mama Ann when her life was comprimised. There can be some really trying times, but remember that "all this" are those things that "build character" and believe me, at this time in your life, I'm sure you think, "How much more character can one person use"... but somehow, it all works out.

Peace to both of you, and try to find a laugh or two in there :)

Julie said...

What the fuck??? That sucks Jessie!! BOOO!!! Stupid shower head doo-hickey.