Monday, August 14, 2006

So Strange

Darby and I went to Topeka today to shop. So many strange things happened. It really was a weird day!!!

Strange Incident #1

We go to Dillard's to get bras. There is this little sign that says that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. So to prove I'm not in the majority I get sized. I have forever worn a 40DD. Well the little bra sizing chic tells me oh no I'm supposed to wear a 44G!!!! What in the world. I didn't even know they made bras that big! You could carry a small child around in a bra that big. It is just all wrong. But I bought one and it's comfy and my boobs actually look smaller in it. AMAZING!!!!

Strange Incident #2

Darby needs a cartridge for her printer. We look at best buy and they don't have it. But they tell us about this discount ink place that has them. We go there. It was way weird. The guy was really creepy and said some odd things. And it just felt all wrong. We are thinking that the cartridge sales are a cover for some shady dealings there. Seriously I'm thinking they are running prostitutes or shooting pornos in that place. I'm never going there!!!!

Strange Incident #3

Driving home from Topeka the Jeep starts making this weird noise. It's a squealing obnoxious sound. Darby says that it's the back hatch but it was all kinds of loud. It was annoying the heck out of me so she turned the radio up all loud like. But the noise got louder too. It was like it was in competition with the radio. I think her jeep is alive and upset about something.

Strange Incident #4

I got Lena a raincoat at Old Navy. Yes I know dressing dogs is weird. I always swore I wouldn't do it but she hates to get wet. So I got her the coat. I put it on her tonight and she HATED it. I guess she doesn't understand that it will keep her from getting wet. She just really hated it. But it looked way cute on...

Strange Incident #5

Darby and I got a new dance workout DVD today. We thought it looked really cool. We tried it tonight. It is anything but cool! It was way fast and hard to follow and I finally gave up and just did the two dances I know. The Sprinkler and the Robot. Darby started laughing so hard at me that I thought she was gonna pee on my floor! So we gave up on the video and just laughed the pounds off tonight. I think it was a good workout.

Over and Out



Julie said...

Dude, did you read my post about my trip to the Intimacy bra store? It sounds like you had a similar epiphany!

Julie said...

Boo. The link didn't completely show. Well, it's like the 3rd post I ever did, on July 18th.