Friday, August 11, 2006


Well yesterday I admitted defeat with MCI. I spent another 45 minutes trying to get things straightened out with them and they were again no help. So I gave up and called AT&T. Amazingly I didn't have any hold time and immediately my call was answered by a nice English speaking man. He wasn't able to help me but he connected me with a person that could. Only had to wait about 30 seconds to get connected with the most helpful girl in the world Natalie.

Miss Natalie was shocked at my horror story and said she would be more than happy to help me! In less than 15 minutes she set me up with a new phone account, was able to reinstate the old number and told me to have a good day! I did because of her!!! She told me it would take 3-5 days for the phone to get working which I was fine with. MCI had told me 10-15. So I was thrilled at the idea of 3 days!

Well today at 2:15 the phone rang. In 24 hours AT&T did what MCI couldn't do in 20 days! How amazing is that. The phone rang and I excitedly answered. I couldn't wait to see who the first call would be from. And to my amazement it was account services at MCI!!!!! I about fell over. The gal did speak English and she told me that it had come to her attention that I had switched my service to another provider and she wanted to know what they could do to get me back as a customer!!!!

Oh Lordy! She had no idea who she had called! I explained that I tried for 20 days to keep my phone service with MCI. I explained that I had talked with 5 different supervisors, 7 different regular employees and wasted 500 cell phone minutes BEGGING MCI to connect my service. I advised in a not to nice way that I had gone out of my way to stay a customer of MCI and they didn't want a thing to do with me. So I was pretty surprised that she wanted to help me now...

She of course apologized and said she would do whatever it took to get me back as a customer. Regretfully I declined her offer. Never again will I do business with MCI! What idiots!!!! AT&T RULES!!!


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Julie said...

YESSS! Justice is sooooo sweet! Cheers!