Monday, August 28, 2006


Okay you all need to visit this site!

I think this is a really awesome idea! What you do is pick out a thank you card. Insert your name and hometown and pick a thank you message. Then the card is sent to a member of the military that is serving our country in Iraq! This is just a really great and simple way to say thank you!

My brother-in-law is in Iraq and he and his family give so much so he can serve our country. My niece Morghan and nephew Dalton have loaned their daddy to all of us. He misses their ball games, parties, bed time stories, and dinner every night so he can serve us. If they and so many other children can sacrifice time with their parents we can take two minutes to send a thank you note.

Go to the site and send a note! It will make you feel good about you!!!



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Thank you..You mean so much to me...
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