Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well it's been a week on the workout plan! I have worked out twice a day all week and I've been doing manual labor at my mom's house all day everyday this week so I was just sure that it would be a BIG loss this week. I was wrong! When I weighed two days ago to get a feel of where I was at it said I gained two pounds. I was pretty disappointed. But when I got on the scale for weigh in today, my official day it was one pound down. Not what I was hoping for but I'm moving in the right direction. Yippee!

I've also added a few more sites in the sidebar. Gardening 1 on 1 is a great site. You all know how much I love to work in my flower beds, etc. This site gives great tips! Check it out!!!

I've added Chaos Index. This is a great blog with AMAZING pictures!!! This guy is good! I really enjoy it.

And Aspiring Comedian is all sorts of funny. If you need a laugh that is the blog to hit!

This week off work hasn't felt like down time. My mom's bathroom is for the most part done. Done as far as what I can do. The wall paper is striped the paint is on. Now the closet has to be built, the toilet set and the vanity set. After that I'll do some touch up but no big deal for me.

I'm hoping next week will be more relaxing. I don't know if that is going to happen though. This is all just really stressful! Heather did come home to visit with mom this weekend. That is nice. Even though she comes home and all my aunts are there I still feel very alone. I have a hard time processing all that is happening to my mom and how it is going to change everything. Some days I seem okay and get through the day. Other days it all feels new again and I'm a mess. I don't know that I will ever adjust to this!

I still pray every day for a miracle. I beg God to make her better. Let me wake up and go to her house and have her be 40 pounds heavier, working in her yard and not taking medicine! But I don't think God is going to do that for us. Sometimes we don't get what we pray for. I suppose we get what we need though and that will have to be good enough...

So that's my week. Kinda crappy folks.. I'm not in too great of a place. Wish I could make it all pretty and funny but I don't have the energy today.


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Julie said...

It's okay. No one can be funny and charming all of the time. That's not life. I'm sorry things have been a downer lately. That sucks.