Sunday, August 06, 2006

Girl Fight

There's gonna be a girl fight... That song is the soundtrack of my week with the dogs. Lena and Izzie so do not get along. Izzie is such a good dog and Lena is so very BAD!!! Lena just pushes and pushes and Izzie gets ticked. At 5:00 this morning Lena woke me up freaking out. She wanted to go outside..... well she pretended she did. Actually she just wanted to get up and bug Izzie.

Izzie has a long tail. Like lots of hair on her tail. It looks like a ponytail. Lena LOVES hair. She thinks it is her job to yank it and eat it and take ponytails out. She is constantly pulling mine and it hurts. Well she went after Izzie's hair. But Izzie's ponytail doesn't come out. It's attached to her butt. So there was quite an ordeal over that. I try to tell Lena it's not nice to pull people's butt hair but she doesn't listen to me. Naughty dog...

So now it's been almost an hour I've been up. I ought to just stay up at this point but I'm not really wanting too. I'm pretty tired. I think the lung pain situation still has me a bit wiped out. But I don't know if either of them are going to quit barking long enough for me to go to sleep. Good times around here!


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