Tuesday, August 22, 2006

That Roy

Well when crisis hits Roy shows up. For you new readers Roy is my ex. We were together along time and have been apart along time. But he always seems to show up when I'm losing it. And somehow he makes it okay.

Right now he is cleaning my house like a mad man. I have been helping but I stop to take breaks and cry. But he is a cleaning fool. He came over to my mom's tonight when things weren't going so great there. I guess he is trying to fix it the only way he knows how.

My mom was really disoriented tonight. She kept saying things like ghostbusters and pointing at things that we couldn't see. I think maybe she sees angels or something. She also said that a man brought her 9 plates of flowers and that they were beautiful. Her breathing has slowed down and her hands are cold. I don't think she has much longer left.

I kept holding her hand tonight and for some reason I really thought that I could will life back into her. I can't. A part of me so wants her to stay alive forever and ever. And then that other part of me hates to watch her suffer like this and I want her to have peace. It is such a difficult situation.

Well the vacuum is attacking my feet now so I'm signing off!



GhostRose said...

Aw! Bless him. Not many ex's would clean your house for you.

Julie said...

I want to say something, but I don't know what to say. Just know that I'm thinking of you and your mom. And I'm listening to whatever you need to say.

Aunt Jane said...

Oh Jessie, My heart goes out to you! There isn't anything any of us can do or say to make it all better. I wish we could. I'm glad that Roy was there for you and that you let him help you. You will get through this and some day feel rested again. We love you.

Secret Sara said...

Oh Jessie. *hugs hugs hugs* Life isn't easy sometimes. Remember that if God brought you to it, he will bring you through it. You're in my prayers always. There's so much more I want to say but no good words so that will have to do. *more hugs*

Anonymous said...

just an observation.............that ex seems to me that if he always shows when ya need him and fixes the problem best he knows........maybe although he is hard to deal with and hard to live with in all of his little idiosincrosies........maybe he is worth a shot at maybe being a current again instead of an ex!