Sunday, August 13, 2006

Forces of Nature

I'm really beginning to believe that there is some force working against me. Why is it that nothing ever ever ever goes according to plan. The simplest thing turns into an event!!!

This morning I just wanted to get up and mow my yard. That of course turned into a whole saga that is to lame to post. However, I will tell you that the thing that shoots the grass out fell off the mower. I didn't think this was too big of a deal. I thought I would finish the yard and then reattach it. Well it's a big deal. When that isn't on there the grass shoots right back at ya. And with it comes acorns! An acorn flew out of the mower at about 850 miles per hour and slammed into my head! I really thought blood was going to be involved. So of course I stopped and reattached the thing immediately. Aunt Donna seems to think I should wear a helmet to mow! Now that would be cute. It's already a scary enough site when I mow but a helmet would make it all the better....

Went to Sutherlands, the hardware store tonight. Went with Mom, Donna, and Betty. They were having a big 20% off thing tonight so we were armed with a list of stuff for the house. It was gonna be an in and out quick like trip. Well no! Everyone in town must have been there! And could we find anything????????? Mom seems to believe that anyone wearing a blue shirt works at Sutherlands so she kept asking random people where things were. Then Tom, our bank president, stopped to talk to mom. He just asked if she was finding everything she was looking for. Making small talk. Well Donna took that and ran with it. She asked him about a million questions and finally we had to yell that he doesn't work there! We can't go anywhere. I swear every place in town must see us and cringe. What an ordeal. And why in the hell does that place not have air conditioning? It had to be 110 in there. So not only was it crowded but it was hotter than Africa. By the time we left there everyone was in a grumpy mood!

It's just been a wonderful day! I can't wait to get up tomorrow and see what crap is gonna come my way.



Julie said...

Yeah, I'm kinda glad I'm allergic to grass. That's my excuse for not mowing the lawn.

Bobby Griffin said...

thanks for the donation Jessie

Your links are up!!