Tuesday, August 08, 2006


MCI is the devil. They must be the worst phone company in the world. I'm so frustrated with them!!! I called two weeks ago to have mom's phone transferred to her new house. I had to wait 1 hour and 18 minutes to get a person that day to spend 5 minutes on the phone with me to arrange the transfer. The fool I talked to then said that it would take 10-15 days to complete the transfer. I explained that was ridiculous so he said that he would expedite it. However, the 15 days was today and still no phone!!!!

So I call today. I wait 31 minutes and get a person. I explain why I am calling and they inform me that the CANCELED her service instead of transferring it. I explain that they need to turn it back on and transfer the number. I won't even go into all the bullshit they told me on that first 1 hour call but it was a lot. It ended with them saying they would put the work orders in and call me back.

At 8:15 they called me back. They told me that since I was establishing new service they had to run a credit check and it would be three days!!!! WHAT? I again explained that they made a mistake and canceled my service that I didn't. For some reason even if they screw up they make your wait. Then as if my blood pressure wasn't high enough this fool tells me that after three days IF I'm approved then they will put in the move order and it will be working 10-15 days from then. I thought my head was going to blow off at this point!!!

So because the people are so super smart that work at MCI I talked very loudly and very slowly to try and explain to them once again. If they accidentally shut off the phone then why would they need to transfer the line. If the number is shut off then they just need to reassign the number to me and the new address. If the phone is disconnected the number does not need to be transferred. She thanked me for my loyal business with MCI and tried to hang up!!! Then I lost it. Since I'm pretending to be my mom to do all this I started yelling. I yelled that I have cancer and have to have a phone and that they are basically idiots that screwed this up and I want to know what needs to happen so I can have a phone in the next 48 hours. She told me to call back tomorrow.... We went around and around about another 10 minutes until I knew I just had to stop or really my head was gonna just come right off.

I'm not calling them again. What I'm doing is calling another phone company and they can make it right. I'm never doing business with MCI again and neither is my mom! And my recommendation to all of you out there is to never do business with them either. I think they must all be dumber than a box of rocks! And what is with no one speaking english. I swear I talked to 4 different supervisors with MCI today and not a one of them spoke English clearly. This isn't usually an issue for me but if you are gonna try to screw me over at least do it clearly! I don't want to have to decipher your broken up lying words while I try to figure out how to fix my own problem that you seem unable to fix even though you work in "customer service".

I'm taking some extra happy pills tonight....



Andrew said...

I was wondering if you wanted to swap links.

Andrew said...

Your're linked.

Julie said...

Sounds like the people you were talking to were in another country - yay for outsourcing! You were most likely talking to someone in India or the Phillipines. Love it.

Dude, that is the worst part about moving --- forget the pain of actually MOVING all of your shit and arranging all the furniture and unpacking. I'd do all that 10 times if I didn't have to deal with the utility companies upon the move. That is a major reason why I do not want to move until we buy a house. After what I had to go through with People's Gas and SBC, I just have no patience left for any of those people. They're all assholes.

Did you ask to speak to a supervisor? I always do that. I don't even bother with trying to explain to the person a 3rd time because I know they will not understand if they didn't get it the first 2 times. DUMB DA DUMB DUMB!

Yes, best to just go with another phone company. But do realize that whoever owns the phone lines in your area will be the people you will ultimately have to deal with. For example, in my neighborhood, SBC owns all of the lines. So if I call MCI to get local service with them, then MCI has to contact SBC to get permission to use their lines. It's all fucked up.