Friday, August 04, 2006

Lung Pain

I've got a pain in my lung. Actually it's pretty much my whole chest and goes down one arm. When it started I thought it was a heart attack. It's not. The doctor says my heart is fine. I do however have pleurisy. Now that is a fun thing to have. So now I have a pain in my lung, steroids to take, an antibiotic to take and pain killers that don't work. So that is thrilling.

Who would know that pleurisy could hurt so bad. Who knew that people actually get such a thing. I'd never heard of it before. I wish I still hadn't heard of it. It's no fun. When I take deep breaths it hurts more so every once in awhile I take a breath and then have to grab my chest. It freaks people out. That is kinda funny. I did it twice at Wal-mart while I was waiting on my scripts to get done. Nothing like scaring people at the Wal-mart. Good times.

I'm gonna try to sleep. But the steroids make me all kinds of wired. In fact I may just repaint my house. I feel like I could get it all done in one night other than the sharp pain when moving or breathing. That's what is really cruel. The steroids make you all wired and the pain is debilitating. So it is much like going 100 miles and hour in one spot. In kinda riding a stationary bike like I'm Lance Armstrong. Lotta power not a lotta movement.

Night all


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Julie said...

Oh my god, that's so awful! I have a degenerative disc in my neck (I know, who knew you could get such a thing at 27 years old for no apparent reason!) and this past year has been hell trying to rehabilitate my body. The worst part (aside from the pain, that is) was the fear of hurting myself more if I moved the wrong way. It was so frustrating, not being able to move the way I used to. I hope your pain goes away soon. Ugh, poor thing!