Monday, April 02, 2007

Aunts Rock!

Okay I think I have the best aunts in the world. I've always known they were wonderful but the past year has just really solidified that. If there was a best aunts of the centery competition they would win! Aunt Donna emails me often about my posts. She and Betty and Jane read my blog often and that makes them cool of course. They don't post comments but send emails instead and for some reason I like that. I like seeing their names pop up in my inbox.

And today when I really needed a little boost I not only got emails but I got happy in the real mailbox mail! Anyone that knows me knows that I love mail. I don't like bills so much but I love getting what I call "happy mail". This would include gifts, cards, postcards, catalogs, etc. I just love sending and receiving "happy mail".

So today I got a box in the mail from my Aunt Betty. It was my Easter present. I got Cadbury Creme Eggs (My favorite Easter Treat), a candle, and the cutest little note pads in the shape of a schnauzer puppy like my Lena. AWESOME! So thanks Aunt Betty.

Heather got a package from her too and even though I'm very tempted to open it I'm not gonna do it. I put it in her bedroom so it won't tempt me. But as soon as she gets home on Wednesday I'm making her tear that baby open. It's killing me!




Skittles said...

Happy mail is just so fun! Email has changed how much comes that way.

Sounds like you have some wonderful aunts :)

You've been TAGGED with the Obsessions Meme!

Julie said...

I'm glad the package helped cheer you up!