Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Review

Well Easter for sure had it's highs and lows this year. Once again another first without our mom. But Heather and I are quite the team. We pushed through, made some new traditions, and managed to hold on to some old ones. We are gonna get okay. I just keep telling myself that...

Our Easter Baskets rocked! Heather and I are getting really good at being in charge of gifts for one another! What's funny is we picked the same baskets but in different colors. We also picked almost the same goodies to go in them and we didn't shop or discuss it ahead of time. We are getting good like that! Heather gave up soda for Lent so this morning she had a basket full of pepsi and other goodies from me. She was pretty thrilled about that. I got some cheez-its, cadbury eggs, a shirt, a magazine, and a few other fun things that I love.

We were going to go to church early because they were having a big breakfast there so we got there about an hour before the service but the breakfast was already over. I guess we misread the time or something. So we went to Braums and had biscuits and gravy. We walked in and the place was almost empty. So Heather said, "well it's not obvious that we don't have a mom or anything". Which is true. We did look like the poster children for orphans eating fast food on Easter morning. But we were hungry!

After we ate we headed back to church and faced the tough part of Easter. I dread going to church anymore. I only go because I know I should and I know my mom would want me to go. To clarify I don't have a problem with God. In fact I feel pretty good about my spiritual life right now. I pray often, read my devotions, and enjoy that very much. I just dread going to church because in my mind that is where my mom should be. I've always gone to church with her. I loved going to church with her. So I cry everytime I go to church now because I miss her. I guess I thought today would be better because Easter is always such a fun service but no... Much crying for Heather and I both. The nice part is that we don't care anymore about where or when we cry. The sermon was good, the little kids were adorable, and we sang some good songs. Yippee!

After church we headed out to mom's place. We took her some easter eggs and goodies. This is where the funny part kinda kicked in. We decided we wanted an Easter picture of us at mom's place so we pulled the car up close and set the camera on top of the car. I set my camera timer and then we ran over by the headstone to get the picture. But the wind was blowing so we had to keep doing it. I got quit the little workout running back and forth but we finally got a couple good pictures. Though they are a bit slanted as the camera wasn't exactly on a smooth surface. The things we do! Nothing is every easy with Heather and I!!!

So here are some pics and I hope you all have a Happy Easter!



Darby said...

i love you so much jess. the stone looks great and you're right, you and heather are a great team. impenetrable and invincible--together you can do anything. you are going to get've come a long way already.

The Wooden Porch said...

{{hug}} Happy Easter. You made me realize I love my mom even more than I thought. I take her for granted all the time.

Julie said...

you look great in those pics Jessie. I can tell you lost weight in your face especially. DUUUUUDE!!! CADBURY CREME EGGS RULE!!! The headstone is just lovely and so unique. Nice baskets too.