Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Day

Well what was supposed to be a really good day turned into a bad day. It was my last day of class in Topeka and I was running a little late. So when I got on the turnpike I set my cruise control on 77 mph. Well there was an Altima that flew passed me and then I went to pass a group of cars with the Altima pretty far in front of me. Well the next thing I know there is a highway patrol car behind me. I pulled over and he says I'm going a little fast. He says he clocked me doing 95! I've never driven 95 in my life!!!

I tell him I had my cruise set and there was no way I was going that fast. But he claims I was and he gave me the ticket. I'll take a ticket for 77 or 78 but 95 is ridiculous! It's a misdemenor and I have to appear in court because it's more than 20 over the speed limit. The real kicker is that the court date is set for when I'm in Greece. So I'm gonna have to get a lawyer to appear for me and fight it. I can't have a misdemener. What a pain in my ass. If I ever find the person driving that Altima I'm gonna kick their ass.


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Comedy + said...

Yikes, that's terrible. I'm sorry that you got a ticket. I hate that. Now if your attorney can just put enough doubt about the other car and the fact that he may have clocked that vehicle and not yours... Good luck.