Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Country Idol

Well this week on American Idol it was country week. Martina McBride was the guest helper person and that was cool. She is a good old Kansas gal so ya gotta love that. I had high hopes this week. Country week is usually one of my favorites. In some ways I was disappointed but in other ways I was pleased...

The Country Cutie

Miss Jordin Sparks looked and sounded like a million bucks tonight! I was so pleased with her performance. I have said before that she has "it". Tonight she really was at the top of her game and really showed her talent. I feel like I'm watching her become something as she sings. I love that about her! I'm predicting now that she will be in the top three and possibly the top two. I'd love to see her win this season!

No Neck No Problem

No Neck Melinda Doolittle had no problem this week! This is the first time I've liked her. She did a great job and had some zest this week. A little spunk, a little personality. She should have tried that weeks ago. When she shows her personality it is harder to focus on her missing neck. She will be safe this week.

Sanjaya Shouldn't Have

Sanjaya shouldn't have... And I mean he really shouldn't have. He shouldn't have sang that song, he shouldn't have worn his hair like that, he shouldn't have showed up! Just go home buddy, PLEASE!!!

A Beatbox Cowboy?

Mr. Blake shocked me with his performance tonight. I was a little worried about how he would do on country night. He didn't better than I expected. He looked a bit uncomfortable but he sang well and picked a good song. I really like him!

I tried to vote for Jordin about 20 times and got a busy single ever time. So tons of people must be calling in. Maybe that is a sign that Sanjaya might go this week. Could we be so lucky????


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Anonymous said...

Jordin & Blake in the finals!