Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pissed On?

Well I've been pissed off before but I've never been pissed on... Just when I think things can't get worse. I took Lena to get her hair cut today. This is always an event. Really a big event! She hates the vet and she hates to get groomed and she isn't so fond of the car ride there so it's a production.

But I get her there and dropped off on time this morning. I go pick her up after work and it is POURING outside. So I grab her and make a mad dash to the car with her. I put her in and she crawls across to the passenger side and immediately starts peeing EVERYWHERE! I yell at her of course because peeing in the car is against the rules. So she climbs over to me to make nice and in the process finishes the peeing in my lap!!!! So then I was pissed on and pissed off and it was a soggy ride home.

So after I changed clothes I went to the car to examine the damage. Lena managed to pee on my work planner and my homework assignments that I did on my lunch break. This sucks obviously but at least there wasn't pee on the seat! Just me and my stuff. YUCK!

She has never done such a thing. I think she was freaked out about the vet thing and they obviously didn't take her out today so she really had to go. And it was raining so I didn't let her go before we got in the car so it was just a really screwed up deal.

So if the week wasn't going so well earlier it's really gone to shit.... or well pee now!



Anonymous said...

Yuck... Ewww.

Comedy + said...

Oh my, now this really is a pissy situation. I do understand. Been there and done that... Pisses one off though. It can only get better from here :)