Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Idol Review

Well I was scared to watch American Idol tonight. I'm not a fan of Tony Bennett so I was worried about what the show would be like. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that for the most part everyone did a pretty good job.

The Idols On Top

My Beat Box Boy Blake did great! He didn't do anything to crazy this week but did a good job.

Jordin Sparks! What else can I say about the "it" girl! She is fabulous.

Lakisa looked great tonight and sounded even better. She seems to be getting back in the game.

The Idols On Bottom

Sanjaya Sucks A Lot Malakar is still at the bottom. I don't like him and I want him to go away. But I have a feeling he won't.

Haylie isn't cutting it. She is real pretty put not real good. My guess is that she will go home this week.

Melinda Dolittle still does nothing but annoy me. If she had a neck maybe I would like her more. She also needs to quit acting so surprised when people compliment her. Okay seriously she made it on the show she must be fairly good so quit acting surprised. She will hang in for awhile but she isn't going to win.

The other folks didn't stand out as good or bad to me this week. So I'm not even writing them up.


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Anonymous said...

We had a storm that knocked our satellite out. I was so disappointed. Good thing it was on Tony Bennett's night.