Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dog Food Scare

Okay the whole dog food and dog treat recall crap is scaring me. What's really scary to me is that a lot of the recalled products are coming from a factory in my home town. I'm very disappointed to say the least. I take Lena's health pretty seriously. In fact I'm probably overprotective of my dog. She really is one of my best friends. She has the coolest toys, sees the vet often, gets all her vaccines and medicine, and I thought she was getting the best food and treats. But I was wrong. Today one the newest list of recall items were some of her treats and it pushed me over the limit.

After talking it over with her vet and doing a lot of research I spent the evening making her homemade dogfood. Heather is home so she helped me. We broke out the food processor and ground up brocoli, cabbage, carrots, and meat. Heather kept saying there is no way she is gonna eat this stuff. But we put the first bowl down for her and she got so excited. She ate the whole bowl in about 4 minutes. We were thrilled. And then she started begging for brocolli. Who would have ever imagined! I'm so thrilled and proud of her. It really was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be.

My vet actually told me about a site to check out online to guide me and it had some great ideas. Anyone with pets ought to take a look and consider going to a natural diet. I don't think I will ever feed her food from a plant again. It's just to scary for me. The site that he directed me to is They give recipes and all kinds of information about what foods are good for certain ailments. Very helpful!!!


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