Monday, April 02, 2007

Bye Huck

Well it was a very sad morning at my house today. Monday's are always crazy hectic. I have to leave the house early to get to class in Topeka, an hour away, and for some reason I'm always behind schedule and rushed. Today was no different.

So in my rush I decided to take both Huck and Lena outside on their leashes together for the first time. Well Lena didn't like that and started barking at Huck like crazy. And Huck freaked out because he was scared and somehow he wiggled out of his collar. So I'm trying to catch Huck and hold on to Lena and he ran in the street and got hit by a truck.

He was only three pounds so he didn't have a chance versus a truck. It was a nice older man driving that immediately stopped and tried to help us. I was a bawling mess and Lena was going nuts and it was just not a nice event. He really felt horrible and I felt horrible. I should have just not been in a rush and not taken them outside together till they were more adjusted but I never would have guessed in a million years this would have happened. The guy helped me get a towel and he wrapped Huck up and put him in a box and took him away for me.

So I'm kinda sad. I only had Huck for a couple days but I feel really bad about the whole deal.



Julie said...

OH MY GOD!!! That's the most horrible story I've heard in a long, long time. Poor Jessie, dude, that sucks so much. The poor little pup. I'm so sorry!!

Darby said...

i'm really sorry about huck jess. he was a good boy and i hate monday's too!!

Skittles said...

Oh that is sooooo sad!!! I'm sorry for your loss.

Comedy + said...

I'm so sorry. Poor little guy. Don't blame yourself. These things just happen. Now, if you had taken them out without the leash that would have been a much different thing. Go easy on yourself.