Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2 Weeks

Two weeks from now I will be on an airplane heading for Greece!!! How amazing is that. I can't believe I am actually typing that. I AM GOING TO GREECE!!!! If you can't tell I'm starting to get excited. We got our travel paperwork from the travel agency yesterday and that made it all real for me! What is crazy is that in the paperwork it said that we are only allowed on piece of luggage and a carry-on! YIKES! 8 days and one real piece of luggage. I don't go to Texas for 5 days with only one piece of luggage so another country for 8 days is gonna be a bit interesting. We may end up having to pay extra for additional luggage or something. But who cares really? I'M GOING TO GREECE!!!!


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Comedy + said...

I'm with you. Who cares if you can only have one suitcase and a carry-on? Go shopping when you get there!

Lucky you. Have a great time :)