Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fun Site

There is this great site called bid4prizes that cracks me up! They have all kinds of fun prizes and the kicker is that instead of the high bidder winning the lowest unique bidder actually wins the prize! That means that I would even have a chance and I never win anything!

One of the prizes right now is a BMW 3 Series. I would love to have that! I love my new car but seriously a BMW! I would love to be driving a BMW around town. No one would ever believe it. Right now the bidding for it is between 88-108 cents. So my unique low bid for a BMW would be a startling 92 cents! What do you think the chances are that I will win it? So go check out the site but don't be bidding against me on the BMW!



Anonymous said...

Haha... You're funny girl. But I want that Beemer too!

Comedy + said...

Beemer's are okay, but I'm a Mercedes kind of gal. I promise not to bid on the BMW. Good luck, I hope you win it!