Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Denver Dilemas

Darby and I took Heather and Kelci to the airport today. As I was helping them get checked in my cell phone rang and it was Senator Roberts office calling. They were calling in response to an email I sent begging them for help in getting my passports. They just wanted to let me know they were working on it. A day late and a dollar short if you ask me.

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry in front of Heather and Kelci. I didn't want them to feel bad about going while Darby and I had to miss the trip. But we went to say goodbye and Darby and I both started bawling! I really wanted to go with them!!! But most of all I really didn't want Heather to go without me. She is my whole world now and the idea of something happening to her terrifies me. If a plane crashes and we are both on it no big deal. If something would happen to her I couldn't handle. Someone would have to just shoot me! So we did the crying and Heather cried a little and she was so cute about it. She said "I'm coming back to you I promise." She said it with such conviction! I love that girl!!!

So we cried our way to the car and then processed our pain while participating in some retail therapy. I found an adorable dress for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party. I also found a couple great tee shirts, and a diaper bag. We had dinner at On The Border and then headed home.

While we were shopping Heather kept calling with complications. I guess there was a big storm in Denver so they weren't letting planes land there. The girls connecting flight out of Denver to Frankfurt was supposed to leave Denver at 5:35. They didn't even leave Wichita until 6:30! At first they thought they would catch an 8:15 flight from Denver to London and then go onto Athens but they missed that flight by 3 minutes. So now the girls are stuck in Denver overnight. They won't be able to leave Denver until 1:55 tomorrow afternoon. I tried to tell Heather that it really is a great deal. She is now taking the 7 day tour of Greece + a 1 day excursion in Denver. She didn't buy that that was a good deal.... Poor kid!

So now I'm gonna be up half the night waiting to hear from them that they are settled in at the hotel and are okay... Nothing ever goes right in this family!



Anonymous said...

Well I hope you find some joy out of your time not on the trip.

Comedy + said...

Well, this is taking on a life of its own. Can't wait to hear some good news here. Dry them eyes...Everything is going to be fine. :)